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Arab Chapter Board Members Meeting

We are pleased to inform you that the Arab Chapter board members convened today for their monthly meeting, focusing on fostering collaboration and enhancing our chapter’s impact. Productive discussions, updates, and strategic planning for the future marked the meeting.

Leadership Transition:
One significant decision made during the meeting was the nomination of the vice-chair following Eng’s unfortunate passing. Sameer – may God bless his soul. This transition will be formally announced in due course, and it will ensure a seamless continuation of our chapter’s mission.

Webinar Series on Steel Structures:
The board also discussed the upcoming events and activities that will contribute to the growth and development of our community. Notably, we have exciting plans to organize a series of webinars on steel structures that the esteemed engineer led. Ahmed Kanaan. These webinars promise to provide valuable insights and knowledge to our members and the wider community.

Chapter Anniversary Celebration:
As we look ahead, we are delighted to announce that our chapter anniversary celebration is scheduled for January. This milestone is a testament to our members’ and supporters’ dedication and hard work. Stay tuned for more details about this special event and how you can participate.
The meeting also discussed various other activities, which will be unveiled through future announcements. We are committed to fostering a thriving and engaged community and will continue to work diligently to provide you with opportunities for growth, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Please watch for further announcements regarding the leadership transition, webinars, the anniversary celebration, and other exciting activities. Your participation and engagement are crucial to our continued success.

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